Ayurvedic Supplement to Alleviate Diabetes

diabetes and insulin production

Diabetes is not only a metabolic disease that cause in high amount of glucose in your blood, but also variety of complications that lead to chronic diseases if not managed properly.
Despite the disease could be resulted from unhealthy dietary pattern and lifestyles or due to congenital reason, the role of insulin in the body is very important to make the function of organ and system work optimally as it regulates the metabolism of fat and carbohydrates.

Some physical symptoms that may indicate you have diabetes including frequent urination, excessive and continous thristy, and feel hungry shortly. You should, therefore, consult to your doctor to confirm the relationship.
If you are diagnosed with diabetes after all, this means your pancreas have inability to produce sufficient amount of insulin or the tissue has a weak response to insulin itself which is eventually increasing glucose levels on your blood. Fortunately, you can do some ways to manage it as long as this is not categorized as type-1 diabetes that requires specific treatments.
For type-1 diabetes, you may have not much choice rather than 'replacing' damaged pancreas to healthy one through organ transplantation or relies on insulin injections for the rest of life. But you don't have to lose hope because your pancrease in most on cases, were not completely damaged and even can be cured with certain therapy such as using Ayurvedic Medicine that will be explained later.

For type-2 diabetes, since the pancreas still works fine therefore, the treatment can be started with many options.

How to enhance insulin production and sensitivity, hence reduces blood glucose?

There are some ways to increase insulin production and/or the sensitivity of the tissue, hence lower glucose in the blood. You can start immediately by consuming foods of 'anti-diabetes' and doing regular exercise that can enhance your metabolism. Of course these interventions takes time to see significant outcomes, but it's a safe way for long regimen.

Otherwise, you can try Ayurvedic Medicine to augment and shorten your effort because the ingredients used in Ayurveda science have been clinically proven to alleviate diabetic conditions and even curing it. These ingredients also have been used for centuries in traditional medicines by Ayurveda practitioners so their therapeutic benefits remain solid and effective compared to current medications that have no ability to cure the disease. In fact, many of them come with additional serious medical risks such as cardiovascular events.

The main advantage of using supplementation from Ayurvedic medicine such as AyurGold, you can get certain phytonutrients that you can't find on your diets. These phytochemical substances have an ability to effectively stimulate the production of your insulin and increase the sensitivity. These phytonutrients and ingredients including;

- chromium which is extracted from Gymnema and Turmeric that can increase insulin sensitivity, reduce glucose amount in the blood, and reduce plasma glucose concentration,
- magnesium which is extracted from Amla, Bitter melon, Gymnema, Jambolan, Neem, and Sweetsop that can lower insulin resistance due to its ability in lowering fasting insulin concentration,
- p-methoxy-cinnamic-acid which is extracted from Turmeric, and pipecolic acid from Bitter melon that can lower bad cholesterol or low-density lipoprotein (LDL) levels,
- azadirone which is extracted from Neem, catharanthine from Madagascar Periwinkle, charantin from Bitter melon, conduritol-A from Gymnema, ethylene from Bitter melon, isonimbinolide extracted from Neem, lanosterol extracted from Bitter melon, leurocristine from Madagascar Periwinkle, lochnerine from Madagascar Periwinkle, p-methoxy-cinnamic-acid from Turmeric, tetrahydroalstonine from Madagascar Periwinkle, vincaleukoblastine from Madagascar Periwinkle, vindoline extracted from Madagascar Periwinkle, and vindolinine from Madagascar Periwinkle, all can significantly reduces your tryglyceride levels,
- and many more.


There are at least 200 phytonutrients extracted from main ingredients used in AyurGold. Interestingly, certain phytochemical substance like Niacin may also activate the beta cells in the pancreas to produce insulin and studies have confirmed this therapeutic benefits. Obviously this technical property is very useful for patients with type-1 diabetes to recover from their illness, not only for type-2 diabetes.
What's more, the niacin on AyurGold is exttracted from various potent ingredients such as Amla, Bael Tree, Bitter melon, Gymnema, Jambolan, Sweetsop, and Tumeric. As the profile of niacin varies from one botanical source to the other due to mineral components forming this phytochemical substance, therefore, you will get the most out this agent in one hand, AyurGold.

Overall, whether you use this Ayurvedic supplement to prevent or maintain diabetes, or as your adjunctive therapies to your current medication, this is your best alternative solution and safe to be used in long regimen. Still, don't forget to consult your doctor prior administration this supplement as they know your health status, medical conditions, or possibility to contra-indicative with your current meds, as well as monitoring the progress.

AyurGold has been on the market for tens of years and so far there is no report from the U.S FDA regarding to its safety alerts since this supplement also sold in the US market. More detail, go to the official site of AyurGold for how to use, doses, ingredient facts, and some others.