Ayurvedic Supplement to Maintain Blood Pressure

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Keeping blood pressure in-check, which is approximately about 112/64 mmHg is not an easy thing as we get older in considering our dietary pattern and lifestyles these days. Moreover among overweight and obese people or those who had certain illnesses or had history of vascular events. The problem is, we always late to know it until some symptoms happen to us. If we're lucky enough, we can still enjoy the rest of life and do something for better prevention. But if not, then this is the end of our story.
Cardiovascular deaths are still number one of all-cause mortality in any part of this world, and they can come quitely and suddenly.

How to keep our blood pressure always in-check?

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There is no complicated answer for this question. Just pay attention to your meals and lifestyles. There are tons of tips and information, healthy recipes, and medical advices about those things that we need to care every day. Still, the case is different in real life. We can't always control those factors. Besides, those who already had cardiovascular events, that means there is already fat deposit in the small arteries and arterioles making blood vessels narrowed, those dietary and lifestyles interventions may not help to erode fat deposits. That being said, these interventions just prevent multiply deposits that can block the vessels.
The case is same among people who already had vascular events due to stiff in the arteries, rise in peripheral resistance, endothelial dysfunction, and vascular inflammation or even damaged. Those interventions should not to be though as a cure unless they take certain medications or consuming certain phytochemical substances derived from botanical sources that can cure those medical conditions.

The probem is, current medications available today still hard to do that, moreover without adding side effects. They only treat and ease the symptoms. No one completely healed from vascular events with any meds available today. Some of them even making blood vessels that goes to the brain ruptured then followed by cardiac deaths in a matter of a few days.

Unlike 'synthetic agents' used in drugs, natural phytochemical agents showed more effective, real active and safe in the long run. As the old saying goes, there is no disease without cure. Animals and plants are not only our food sources, but also our cure.
In Ayurvedic Medicine, several botanical sources have been suggested as a cure for vascular events, such as lowring blood pressure, enhance lipids metabolism in the blood, strengthen the arteries and heart, improve blood circulation, and raising high-density lipoprotein (good cholestero) and lower low-density lipoprotein (bad cholesterol). That being said, those who already vascular events, obviously these ingredients are very helpful in managing or even curing their disease.

One of Ayurveda product with those ingredients is Cardiofy. It's a herbal supplement using the most potent ingredients for cardiovascular health listed in the Ayurvedic Medicine. There are 24 potent herbs that have extracted from their bark, root, seed, fruit, and bulb, and fill into single pill. These botanical sources including Arjuna, Ashwagandha, Celery, Cinnamon, Clove, Fenugreek, Garlic, Grape, Horseradish, Indian Kudzu, Indian Tinospora, Jatamansi, Kokum, Licorice, Long Pepper, Mace, Onion, Rauwolfia, Satavari, Turmeric, Velvet Bean, Vidanga, and few others.


All of these ingredients have certain phytochemical profile which is generally supporting healthy function of your heart, enhance lipids metabolism on your blood vessels, improve blood circulation, maintain healthy pressure, and keep your cholesterol under dangerous levels.
In specific, there are at least 400 phytonutrients identified from the formula which certain therapeutic benefits, including;

- improve pulmonary circulation by increasing blood circulation,
- maintain the metabolism of fats or lipids on blood vessels, hence it can control the level of cholesterol and triglycerides,
- maintain liver function by improving enzyme's activities for better metabolism,
- reduce accumulation of thrombocytes that is eventuall relaxing or softening the arteries,
- minimize enlarged and tortuous veins as well as strengthening blood vessels by increasing collagen exposure in the connective tissue,
- lowering the response of the heart from any stimuly to adrenaline that can give negative effects to the regular heart beat, narrowing and widening of blood vessels due to its contraction,
- warm up the heart by releasing metabolic energy, and
- relaxing the mind as this is one of risk factors causing elevated blood pressure.

Overall, Cardiofy offering comprehensive strategies for cardiovascular health and higher safety concern than available supplements or medications today. More detail, go to the official site of Cardiofy.