Ayurvedic Supplement to Maintain Heart Health


The heart is an vital organ that makes human alive. There's no way of life option under certain conditions if this organ damaged. Although there is a recent breakthrough using medical devices assistant, none of them gave a definite conclusion on its effectiveness in both short- and long-term expectations while obviously this is a very expensive therapy and still under progress. Most patients who is survived from first heart attack usually difficult to survive when the second or next round comes. Therefore, a strict management for heart health is a must post initial attack since there's already something bad in the organ.

Maintaining heart health or keep it healthy need a broad intervention, starting from healthy diets and lifestyles, healthy environment, and psychological management, even though it can be resulted from hereditary factor. As this silent killer is mostly hard to compromise when they come, those interventions still have to be done whatever your dietary and lifestyle pattern. You must switch to the recommended guidances.
For medical intervention, because of so many factors contribute underlying causes of heart diseases whic is depend on types of the disease, therefore, the treatment may differ from one case to the other even though affecting the same organ. It can be related coronary circulation until heart valves.

heart diagram

Regardless current medications available, in Ayurvedic Medicine however, some plants have been known to be able to improve the heart function and its health. One of Ayurveda products is Cardiofy. It's a herbal supplement or you can call a herbal medication that contains 28 most potent ingredients for heart health with 400 phytonutrients identified from its extraction that can rejuvenate cardiovascular system and against disease that affect the organ and system.

How It Works?

coronary heart disease

For coronary heart disease (CHD) or coronary artery disease (CAD), or at risk of failure from the coronary circulation due to accumulated plaques of cholesterol and fatty acid within the walls of the arteries, Cardiofy contains phytochemical substances of beta sitosterol that can reduce cholesterol levels by disolving it gradually and inhibit cholesterol absorption in the intestine.
A similar effect also promoted by ellagic acid that can lower blood pressure into normal levels and reduce carotid intima-media thickness in the artery wall.


For arrhytmia or at risk of abnormal arrhytmia's heart rate (fast or slow) and/or at risk of sudden cardiac death, Cardiofy also contains phytochemical substances with beta-blocker properties that makes abnormal heartbeat into normal levels (60 to 100 beats per minute). This is natural beta-blocker agents that clinically proven to be safe in long administration.

heart attack or myocardial infarction

For myocardial infarction (MI), Cardiofy also contains phytonutrients of chlorogenic acid and alpha linolenic acid that can slow the glucose release into bloodstream after eat. A study archived in the Lancet 343:8911 (Mediterranean alpha-linolenic acid-rich diet in secondary prevention of coronary heart disease) also confirmed alpha linolenic acid reduces the recurrence rate of MI, cardiac events, and overall mortality.

Besides those phytonutrients with their therapeutic benefits, Cardiofy also contains phytonutrients called choline where in pharmacology also proven to reduce the thickness of artery wall caused by fatty materials like bad cholesterol (LDL). Some studies have showed most Americans had lower intake of choline from their diets, and the FDA requires infant formula to provide choline supplementation when formulated without cow's milk.
Another phytonutrient that has similar therapeutic benefits to the choline is quercetin, and this is also contained in the formula of Cardiofy.


Overall, Cardiofy uses almost all potent herbs to treat various heart diseases and maintain heart health which all of these ingredients are listed in the Ayurveda science. In fact, many pharmaceutical industries using it as a reference to identify the chemical structure of these phytonutrients and translated into synthetic agents. The problem is, most of 'these creations' are not so identic with natural form, not even mentioning potential adverse events and effects. This Ayurvedic supplement also safe to be used in conjunctive therapy with your current medications. Consult to your doctor prior administration this supplement to monitor the progress or perhaps potentially giving contra-indicative to your current meds. For prevention or maintaining, this Ayurvedic supplement is very recommended for your heart health.
More detail about this Ayurvedic supplement, go to the official site of Cardiofy.