Ayurvedic Supplement to Overcome Prostate Disorders


Prostate is one of important male reproductive organs and system that stores and secretes semen or seminal vesicle fluids. However, this prostate can be inflamed and infected, leading to burning sensation during urination, frequent urinating, inflammation of prostate gland or Prostatitis, prostate cancer risk, and other complication risks.
The established reports say that prostate cancer is the second all-cause of mortality in the U.S for men, while it's also leading to premature ejaculation and decreased semen volume. If this inflammation left untreated, therefore, you are not only facing fertility problems, but also can be fatal.

bacterial infection of prostatitis

Ayurstate is a herbal remedy from Ayurvedic Medicine using the most potent ingredients to treat various prostate disorders, as well as maintaining its health. All ingredients used in the formula are effectively curing inflammatory cells in the prostate. Some mechanisms of its therapeutic benefits will be explained below.

For acute and chronic bacterial prostatitis, the formula contains certain phytochemical substances with antibacterial properties that can fight bacterial infections to the prostate gland.
In medicine, such patients are usually treated with antibiotics but here in Ayurstate, the formula uses certain herbs listed in the Ayurveda literature that have strong antibacterial properties. The best part of those ingredients is, they also stimulate the production of semen. Obviously you can't get this multi-benefits from your meds although these ingredients are mainly focused on inflammation and infection.

For chronic nonbacterial prostatitis, the formula also contains certain phytochemical content called Oleic acid where does not provoke a biological response from alpha-adrenoceptors.
In medicine, this patient was commonly prescribed with medications classified as alpha-blocker. Here in Ayurstate, the formula giving it from potent botanical sources, not in a synthetic form.
In medicine, the patient can be also treated with medications that can inhibit histamine action. Here in Ayurstate, the formula also contains ingredients that have certain phytochemical contents such as Ascorbic acid, Kaempferol, Linoleic acid, Quercetin, and Rutin. These phytochemical contents are clinically proven inhibit histamine activities but almost without giving side effects.

prostate enlargement or BPH parasitics

For asymptomatic inflammatory prostatitis, which is developed due to infection from certain parasitics, the formula also contains several phytochemical substances with anti-inflamatory properties, such as Ascobic acid, Beta sitosterol, Carvacrol, Chlorogenin, Copper, Diosgenin, Ellagic acid, Eugenol, Ferulic acid, Gitogenin, Hyperoside, Kaempferol, and some others.

In terms of prostate enlargement or diagnosed with Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH), the phytochemical substance called Oleic acid is very powerful alpha blocker which is commonly used in the current drugs as active agents. This 'natural alpha blocker' has no side effects for long regimen and obviously you can't get this higher safety profile from available drugs.
Also, the beta sitosterol of the formula is clinically proven decrease the level of enzymes involved in the steroid metabolism.


In case of preventing or fighting prostate cancer, Ayurstate also contains Lycopene, Selenium, and Diindolylmethane where studies have showed they are effectively preventing prostate cancer and fighting it due to its ability to detect carcinogenic cells and fight them. Compared to chemotherapy that wouldn't care which one good cells and cancer cells... all killed but unfortunately sometimes carcinogenic cells have been spread anywhere in the body, this is certainly very effective.

Overall, Ayurstate contains many potent ingredients listed in the Ayurveda Medicine to treat prostate disorders from underlying causes. All of these ingredients have its own clinical evidences in recent studies. More detail, go to the official site of Ayurstate.