Ayurvedic Supplement for Weight Loss


Over decades, obesity has became a pandemic in some countries, especially to the country with higher gross domestic products (GDP). Compared with smoking, obesity tends to be less awared related to its adverse events in later life althouth most health experts known it plays significantly in the prognosis of several chronic diseases such as diabetes, stroke, heart failure, blood pressure, respiratory disorders, and other serious illnesses.

Despite excess weight can be lowered with routine exercises and any physical activity, dietary modification, and healthy lifestyle, however, for many people it is very hard to commit with these natural important strategies on daily or weekly basis due to modern lifestyles and dietary patterns.
Meanwhile, use of weight loss drugs could be said quite popular these days although it has been cleared by health authorities for certain side effects in both short- and long-term administration. Some of them even leading to serious risks such as cardiovascular events, diabetes, liver diseases, or others. Worst, the serious side effect sometimes hidden in their clinical facts such as a scandal of Mediator after selling weight loss drug of Benfluorex over 20 years and prescribed by doctors worldwide but unfortunately causing hundreds of thousands patients had heart valve defect and mortality.

In the other hand, the surgery for weight loss that is specifically recommended for those who have extreme obesity and had serious effects to their health or existing illness is very expensive in addition to potentially come with several adverse events and complications. At least however, there are various ways to lose weight when safer regimens are failed in outcomes.

In Ayurvedic Medicine, some of plants have strong therapeutic benefits to lose weight with certain mechanism such as suppress the appetite with satiating agents, prevent calories obtained from meals converted into fats, and burning existing fats in the body and blood vessels by improving metabolism. Of these mechanisms, improving the metabolism is very important as this will make you always having weight in check. In fact, those who had a very strong body's metabolism they can't get overweight even eating any meal in a lot portion.

One of Ayurvedic supplement that contains the most potent herbs in the Ayurveda literature to lose weight and maintain healthy weight is Yogic Slim. The ingredients used in the formula have therapeutic benefits as following:

- Lower your desire of eating (appetite suppressant) by 'intervense' your central nerves for feeling full and satiate.
- Increase chemical reactions in the cells from any foods entering the body either for growing, energy, or responds to external environments. Lack of this process can cause in weight gain even the person limits their meals as their metabolism do not work well.
- Burning existing fats and ldl cholesterol.

yogic slim

Overall, Yogic Slim does not only lose your weight but also improve your metabolism function and health as well. The phytonutrients obtained from ingredients used in the formula also clinically proven in recent studies, such as;

- Hydroxycitric acid (HCA) derived from dried fruit of Garcinia Cambogia extract that plays a role in the lipid metabolism for supporting weight loss outcomes by researchers from the Department of Pharmacy Sciences, School of Pharmacy and Health Professions, Creighton University Medical Center, Omaha (Molecular and cellular biochemistry 2003 Dec;254(1-2):339-46),
- Glucose (extracted from Garcinia Morella) that found significantly reducing fatty acid levels (more than 6 times) than other sucroses like fructose (The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, September 1977 Vol. 30 no. 9 1398-1402), and some others.

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